What does this look like now?
Is the left thumb on the right,
or should the little finger be further down?
This is about twisting your hands as
shown on the cards.
Work it out as soon as possible to win.

If you like playing the “Ligretto” card game you will love this “Ligretto” dice game. It’s a fast-moving game as everyone wants to be the first to finish. The game is played with 24 transparent dice in four colours - quick reactions are what you need, then fun and high spirits are guaranteed!

Ligretto is a card game for two to twelve players. The aim of the game is to get rid of all your cards faster than all the other players by discarding them in the middle of the table. Instead of taking turns, all players play simultaneously. Play is fast and lively, and demands attention to the cards being played by others as well as one’s own cards. It can be played and enjoyed equally by children from 8 years old to adult with youth being at no disadvantage.

What goes down well with the grown-ups and the older children is even more fun for the little ones. Especially when it comes to playing Ligretto, all youngsters from age 6 will be tempted not only by this exciting game where everyone plays at the same time, but also by the lovely cards in a cheerful animal theme.