Kinder Theatre in Augsut 2017
39a Greenhill Rd, Emmarentia, Tel: 011 646 0870
Tickets R60 per person

Tues, 1st of August at 3.30pm - “Little Dinosaur & fairywings” Margaret Auerbach performs the all-time favorite Dinosaur Saga. Out of an egg hatches little Dino, but where are the parents? A funny search with happy ending. So, too, for the fairy who has misplaced her wings: the Fairy Queen is coming to visit and the wings will have to sparkle! Ages 3-99

Sat, 5th of August at 10am – “Veronica’s Monster”, who is scared of monsters? In the cupboard, under the bed – no way, Veronica chases them away. A lively physical and shadow theatre performance, written and directed by Avril Cummins, Ages 3-99

Tues, 8th of August at 3.30pm - “Goldilocks & the Three Bears” Puppet show performed by Margaret Auerbach, find out who ate from the porridge, who sat on Mama bears chair? a cute classic for ages 3-99

Wed, 9th of August at 10am – Women’s day ! Ecstatic theatre with Darren The Magician. Our very famous magician will be back to entertain both mommy’s and kiddies with amazing tricks and jokes that will leave you in stitches

Sat, 12th of August at 10am – “Babbling Baboon wants to fly” Baboon sees some birds fly and decides to also try and fly. To do that, he would need some wings. Where would he find wings that would help him to fly? Giraffe comes up with a plan and shows baboon, nothing is impossible. Performed by Swannie Svanevelder, Ages 3-99

Tues, 15th of August at 3.30pm - “Veronica’s Monster” repeat of above

Sat, 19th of August at 10am –‘The Pirate and the Mermaid’ a puppet show by Margaret Auerbach. Not all pirates are bad, this one comes to the rescue of little Mermaid who gets captured on a fishing boat. Plenty of interaction for the children. A gripping story, excitingly told. Ages 3-99

Tues, 22nd of August at 3.30pm- “The Musicians of Bremen”a classic tale about early mass action, if you are unhappy – change it, go and look for your luck somewhere else. by Margaret Auerbach. Ages 3-99

Sat, 26th of August at 10am - ‘The Lost Spellbook’ Come and find out about the plot that is hatched to foil the plans of the wicked magician, Brimborio. Nail-biting puppet drama, that also brings in the importance and value of reading, and how it can save the day! by Margaret Auerbach. Ages 4-99

Tues, 29th of August at 3.30pm - “The Magic of Bella Butterfly”.The story of the amazing transformation and adventures of Teeny Weeny Greeny Worm, as she turns herself into Bella Butterfly and becomes the envy of the Forest. by Margret Auerbach Ages 3-99

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